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We make remote hiring simple, get your time back leave the rest to us.


Virtual Administrative Assistants

Our virtual administrative assistants can support your brand by organizing your systems, managing email accounts, completing administrative tasks, assisting other team members within your organization and much more.

Virtual Marketing Assistants

Our virtual marketing assistants can support and increase your marketing efforts by developing and executing marketing campaigns, performing market and client research. overseeing email marketing, social media management, working with your marketing team to manage brand awareness and marketing initiatives, and much more.

Virtual Operations Managers

Our virtual operations managers can ensure all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way, improve operational management systems and processes, help with vendor compliance, formulate strategic and operational objectives, manage budgets and forecasts, recruit, train and supervise staff, find ways to increase quality of customer service and much more.

Corporate Support 

Partner with us for our customized training services for administrative teams and individuals. We offer webinar and workshop hosting services for organizations and teams, completely customized by the organization’s requests.

Our information deck provides an overview of our new programming and services for 2023-2024.  While our website is being revamped.

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Briana Jazmin
Founder & CEO of Briana Jazmin Creative

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