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Will 2020 be my Year??!!...

There is a phrase that is frequently used when referring to a new year "new year, new me." This year I decided to coin the phrase "new year, new mindset." I wanted my January 2020 to be about executing a plan and setting attainable goals to reflect a new approach to life especially in terms of my business and spiritual development. I decided to challenge myself to plan out my days, invest some money in my business, and implement strategies to obtain new clients.

The first thing I did was sit down pray, meditate, and write my business goals for 2020. I got realistic with myself , I knew my business was suffering because I was failing to "put that work in" (this is a phrase my son often uses that he coined from a professional athlete). I came to the realization that people will only take my business as seriously as I do. I realized that I had been downplaying the success that could come from my business Teknique Savvy. I knew it was time to get proactive!

Here are some of the things I accomplished this month for my business just by changing my mindset and setting attainable goals:

* Edited my social media bios on both of my Instagram pages I made them reflect what I do, and what problem I solve for my clients or prospects, and also why someone looking on my page should follow me (click on the link to see --- )

* I developed and new social media strategy with content

* I purchased my website domain ( check out they are very affordable, and the process was simple)

* I created my website ( check out , is also use them to host my website/domain )

* I applied for my LLC within my state ( if you're in Georgia the filing fee is $100 and the site is )

* I established my client on-boarding documents ( proposal template, welcome letter, client intake form, policies and procedures, and terms and conditions; this all developed an in-depth structure to my business)

* AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I gained a NEW CLIENT!!!!!!!!!

If you still reading this and wondering if you should to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or if you should set new things in place to make your business more effective, I say you should! Make this year count, not only is it a new year it's a new decade and even though it is the end of January it is not too late! If you are feeling lost on where to start or feel like you need assistance, book a virtual call with me at ; let's discuss how i can assist you or your business through my effective VA services!

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